Race Hill Purchase

A Dream for the Ironwoods Preserve

You can ensure this beautiful land never becomes a subdivision.

There is a 13.5-acre parcel of private property right along the edge of our Greist Pond trail contiguous to the Ironwoods Preserve. Even though it’s privately owned, it’s never been developed. So when you hike around the lake today, you feel like you’re a million miles away from civilization.

But now that 13.5-acre property is on the market—and if the MLCT doesn’t buy it first, it will be purchased by a developer, and turned into a subdivision with 6 houses on a cul-de-sac. You can see the property outlined in yellow on the map below, along with the plan for the addition of 6 houses next to the pond.

Join us!

Help us meet our goal of $450,000 to permanently preserve this beautiful land!

Your donations will provide:

  • 13.5 acres added to our second-largest preserve for a total of 112 acres protected
  • Additional visitor parking
  • Improved public access to the Ironwoods Preserve trail system
  • Increased watershed protection for Greist Pond
  • Expanded buffer and permanent protection for the beautiful forest along the Greist Pond Loop Trail
  • More scenic natural features to explore