About Us

Board members and friends participate every year in Madison’s Green-up Clean-up Day.

A Legacy Spanning Five Decades

Founded in 1964, the Madison Land Conservation Trust is one of the oldest land trusts in the United States. The Land Trust is a nonprofit organization with an all-volunteer board of directors. Throughout the town of Madison, the Land Trust protects close to 1700 acres of woodlands and wetlands, fragile and vital habitats that might otherwise have been consumed by development. These properties provide residents and school groups with more than 35 miles of trails to enjoy.

Our mission is to conserve the natural resources of the Town of Madison, including woodlands, water resources, animal and plant habitats, and unique historic places, for the benefit, enjoyment, and education of present and future generations.

Why do we need a Land Trust?

Our quality of life in Madison is closely linked to our natural environment and the rich legacy of our rural past. As our town’s population swells, our modern lifestyle puts pressure on our dwindling land resources. Our open spaces need looking after. The Madison Land Conservation Trust is committed to that task. Our role concerns the big picture–the preservation of our town character. But beyond community aesthetics, the Land Trust works to ensure that critical ecosystems that are life support systems for so many plant and animal species are protected. Without the Land Trust, critical acreage easily taken for granted might never be identified and protected.


Hunting, camping, fires, cutting trees or vegetation, horses, and motorized vehicles are all prohibited on Madison Land Conservation Trust property. MLCT trails and properties are for hiking only.

PLEASE NOTE: Dogs are allowed, but must be leashed. Unleashed dogs may be at risk if approached by a coyote. Learn more about coyotes here.

Please pick up all animal waste.