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Mike Maloney

Land Trust Welcomes New Board President Mike Maloney

In January 2012 Mike Maloney took over the position of president of the MLCT Board of Directors from Diana Insolio, who led the board for four years. Mike has been an active board member for nine years. As a child Mike developed his love for the outdoors as a member of the National Campers and Hikers Association and of the Boy Scouts. When Mike moved to Madison in 2000, he wasted no time getting out on Land Trust properties and soon was invited to become a member of the board. His favorite hikes are in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in the Catskill Mountains of New York. For the past few years he has managed to get in several hikes (or snowshoe trips) in these places. This winter Mike and his wife, Macdara MacColl, plan to do their first Hut-to-Hut cross-country ski trip in Maine’s 100-Mile Wilderness. Mike, Macdara, and their three children, Tara, Sawyer and Craigin, are all active hikers, boaters and campers.