Spring Wildflowers

Yale Botanist Michael Donoghue leading a spring botany and wildflower walk.

Spring Birding

Birder Mike DiGiorgio leads a group in the early spring along the Summer Hill Trail.

Red-Shouldered Hawk with Chick

Photo by Dave Stephenson, near Indian Rock Shelters Trail

Greist Pond

Fall on the Greist Pond loop of the Ironwoods Trail.

Ox Pasture Evening

Treasure Hunt Hike

Young hikers following a treasure hunt along the Neck River.

Amphibian Neighbors

Kids discovering amphibians along our trails with Yale biologists Dave Skelly and Kealoha Freidenburg.

Reading the Forest

Author and biologist Tom Wessels taught us how to understand history by looking at the forest.

Ox Pasture Hike

Julie Ainsworth leading a group out into the Ox Pasture in the spring time.

Rettich Preserve

Mushroom Forest

Photo by Anne Elliott, 2011 photo contest, Ironwoods Preserve

Fairytale Forest

Photo by Emily Soboleski, 2011 photo contest, Shepherds Trail

Wood Frog

Photo by Geoffrey Giller

Dam in the Ironwoods Preserve

Photo by Joan O’Neill

Without your help, this beautiful bufflehead duck might lose an important resting spot on the Ironwoods Preserve.

The best thing you can do to insure that our woodland friends continue to make their homes in our town is to make a generous donation.

What to look for on the trail

MAY Marsh-Marigold, Bluets, Chickweed. Pussytoes, catbrier, Ferns unfolding, Violets, Blue Flags, Bittersweet, Trout Lily, Mayapple, Starflower, False Hellebore, Solomon’s Seal, Wood Sorrell, Indian Cucumber-Root, Bellwort, Jack-in-the-Pulpit

JUNE Butterflies, Wood Nymph. Fireflies. June Bugs, crickets, Bullfrog chorus. Bats in evening sky. Devil’s Paintbrush, Orange Hawkweed, Lady’s Slipper, Moccasin-Flower, False Solomon’s Seal, Butter-&-Eggs, Spotted Wintergreen, Partridgeberries, Wild Strawberries, Mountain Laurel, Water-Lilies.

JULY Sundew in bogs, Arrowheads, Wild Roses, Day Lilies, Pokeweed, Jewelweed, Morning-Glory, Pinesap, Rattlesnake-Plaintain, Pipsissewa, Indian Pipes, Red Admiral Butterf]y, Praying Mantis, Katydid, Snowy Tree Cricket, Paper Wasps build nests. Deer Flies.